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Wine Soaked Cheese

What do you do with two flavors that complement each other perfectly? You combine them of course! Prepare yourself for a truly delicious tasting experience with our wine-soaked cheeses. These cheeses are infused not only with a delicious flavor but beautiful color as well. Developing deep purple and maroon rinds while maintaining a creamy white interior, these beautiful cheeses are perfect for a cheese plate or any kind of presentation. Though it may sound redundant, we love pairing our wine-soaked cheese with more wine! That way you can have your wine and eat it too!
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The Drunken Goat<sup>®</sup> - Murcia Al Vino
from Spain by Mitica
on sale
O'Banon Bourboned Chestnut Leaf Wrapped Goat Cheese
from United States by Capriole
Dream Weaver - Goat Milk Cheese
from United States by Central Coast Creamery
Fourme au Moelleux
from France by Rodolphe Le Meunier
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Soaking cheese in wine is a delicious practice with a long history. Some say it can be traced back to World War I, when civilians would bury their cheese in wine barrels to hide them from soldiers as they passed through the country looting and pillaging. No matter how the practice started, cheesemakers have continued this same method of soaking wheels of cheese in wine for the lovely flavor and color it imparts. Firm and sliceable, crumbly or soft, any kind of cheese can take on the delicious flavor of wine! If you’re after something firmer allow us to recommend the cult favorite- The Drunken Goat cheese. Sourced from the Murcia region of Spain, this semi-firm and sliceable favorite has a devoted following stateside. Soaked in a red wine bath this cheese boasts a beautiful purple rind, a slightly fruity flavor, and a definite “winey” aroma. Unlike many goat cheeses, this one is decidedly un-goaty. With a mellow softer flavor than most, it has been described as the “gateway cheese” for those of us who don’t care for the distinct tang of traditional goat's cheese. If you’re after something to sprinkle over salads and the like, look to our crumbly blue Fourme au Moelleux. This ancient French cheese is enhanced with a delicious white wine that complements the creamy mushroom and chocolate notes naturally occurring in the cheese. But wait there’s more! Explore our entire collection of delicious wine-infused cheeses and savor their unique flavor and beautiful colors!
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