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Leaf-Wrapped Cheese

Impress your guests with our beautiful leaf-wrapped cheeses! Not only do they make for an excellent presentation, but they are also delicious! Aesthetics aside, there are plenty of other reasons why these gorgeous cheeses taste great too. You’ll often find wrapped cheeses that have been smoked or soaked in wine or liquor to make them extra flavorful. Our chestnut leaf-wrapped cheese, O’Banon, is wrapped in leaves that have first been soaked in Bourbon imparting aromatic hints and bright citrus flavors. When unwrapped, this delicious soft goat’s cheese is left with the delicate veining of the leaves imprinted on its surface. With their festive foliage, our leaf-wrapped cheeses are in a class of their own, delicious and aesthetically stunning these cheeses are perfect for the cheeseboard or grouped into an impressive centerpiece!
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O'Banon Bourboned Chestnut Leaf Wrapped Goat Cheese
from United States by Capriole
Valdeon Blue
from Spain by Mitica
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Pecuri In I Vigne - Wine Leaf Wrapped Sheep Cheese
from United States by Blakesville Creamery
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For centuries cheesemakers have been wrapping their cheeses in leaves. Not only does it look pretty but these leaves act as a perfect barrier between the freshly made cheese and various pests and dirt. Just like ash was once used for the same purpose, both coverings now represent tradition and beauty more than function. With that being said, leaves do offer a consistently moist environment in which cheese can age and ripen. With enough time and the right technique, they even lend their subtle flavors to the cheese. You can trace this ancient tradition back to several European countries, most notably Italy, Spain, and France where the same methods live on today. From the walnut wrapped Chevres like O’Banon to blues like the Sycamore ensconced Valdeon, there is all manner of delicious leaf-wrapped cheeses in various flavors and textures. Carefully encased in our special packaging, these delicate cheeses are always handled with care and speedily shipped to you to ensure that they arrive fresh and in excellent condition. So whether you’re creating a magnificent cheese board replete with crackers fruits and jams, or you’re looking for the perfect cheese to pair with your favorite wine, we have a wide selection of some of the very finest cheeses available!
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