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Dutch Cheese

Thanks to its high quality, delicious taste, and excellent value, Dutch cheese has become popular all over the world. The Netherlands is a true powerhouse when it comes to the creation of fantastic dairy products, with Holland being the largest producer and exporter of cheese in the world! From Gouda to Edam the Dutch make some of the finest cheeses available. At Gourmet Wholesaler we have created an unparalleled selection of these fantastic cheeses to choose from!
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Old Amsterdam Premium Aged Gouda Cheese
from Netherlands by Old Amsterdam
Midnight Moon
from Netherlands by Cypress Grove
from Netherlands by Beemster
Lamb Chopper
from Netherlands by Cypress Grove
Wilde Weide Gouda - 15 Months
from Netherlands by L'Amuse
Gouda with Truffles
from Netherlands by Lindenhoff
Combining the timeless Dutch tradition of Gouda with the earthy allure of truffles, this cheese truly has it all.
Old Dutch Master Gouda
from Netherlands by Frico
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The tradition of making cheese in the Netherlands is one of the oldest known to man. Cheese markets that are still in use today can be traced back to hundreds of years ago! With such a rich foundation and long history of cheese making, it’s little wonder that the cheese produced there are some of the finest. Thanks to its favorable climate and rich, nutrient-dense soil, the cows of the Netherlands can produce a whole lot of some of the finest milk in the world. Translating into some of the most delicious cheeses we’ve ever tried! The godfather of all these tasty Dutch cheeses is Gouda. The cheese that launched a thousand imitations, Gouda continues to be copied but rarely equaled. However, there are a few contenders that have emerged recently. The California cheesemaker, Cypress Grove, has introduced an ivory-colored goat cheese that has notes of both hazelnuts and browned butter. Similar to Gouda, this delicious option contains tantalizing salty protein crystals that impart a wonderful crunch. Lambchopper, another addition from Cypress Grove, is the only sheep’s milk cheese in our collection. Buttery in color with a mild nutty flavor profile, this cheese is firm enough to slice with the ability to melt beautifully into any dish. So whether you prefer cow, sheep, or goat milk, we have a delicious range of options that represent each.

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