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Double Creme Cheese

Seductively soft and creamy our sumptuous assortment of double creme cheeses is sure to hit the spot. Mild yet slightly sweet in flavor, they pair beautifully with anything sweet or fruity. Try some fresh berries or toasted walnuts with a drizzle of honey for some added texture and crunch. If looking for something a little less akin to dessert, a shaving of truffle onto this cheese will lend some delicious savory flavor. Truly some of the most indulgent and delicious cheeses available, take a moment to browse through our variety of double creme cheeses below!
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Fromager D'Affinois - 60%
from France by Fromagerie Guilloteau
on sale
Cremeux des Citeaux
from France by Rodolphe Le Meunier
from United States by Tulip Tree Creamery
on sale
Brie - Petit
from France by Rodolphe Le Meunier
Cremeux des Citeaux - Truffled
from France by Rodolphe Le Meunier
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Fougerus Coulommier
from France by Rouzaire
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from United States by Vermont Creamery
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Not often seen outside of specialty shops, double creme cheese is truly something special. While you may hear the term “double cream” thrown around a lot, it has a very specific meaning. Exceptionally rich and buttery, these cheeses are made by injecting cream into the cheese curds before they are fully-formed, resulting in superbly creamy and silky cheese. According to French gastronomic law, double creme cheeses must have at least 60-75% butterfat. Triple creme cheeses must have no less than 75%! This all sounds very decadent, and it is, but not quite as bad as you may think. When referring to the percentage of butterfat, cheesemakers are only referring to the percentage of fat within the cheese solids. Young cheeses like these have a high moisture content and can be as much as 50% water. So be comforted in the fact that when they say 75% it’s really more like 39%. There are a few well-known kinds of cheese that fall into the category of double or triple creme. These include Brie, Camembert, and of course domestic Mt Alice. The method of adding cream to cheeses in this way originated in Normandy France all the way back in 1850, and has been captivating gourmands and epicureans ever since! With their mild flavor and silken interior, our assortment of double creme cheese is best served alongside a chilled glass of dry champagne and some fresh fruit. Raspberries, strawberries, or even mangoes pair beautifully with this wonderfully creamy cheese. From porter beer-marinated to truffle-infused, we have so many delicious options to choose from! Explore our luscious range of both double and triple creme cheeses.
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