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German Cheese

Germany’s ancient cheese making heritage can be traced back hundreds of years. With such a deep-rooted cheese tradition it's little wonder that this country produces some of the finest cheeses in the world! Thanks to its varying landscapes, regional traditions, and methods of production, Germany produces 600 different varieties of cheese. Hard, semi-hard, soft, or fresh, this country makes delicious cheeses in every kind of texture and flavor imaginable! Explore our tantalizing selection of German cheeses below!
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Cambozola Triple Cream
from Germany by Kaserei Champignon
Chiriboga Blue
from Germany by Kaserei Obere Muhle
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Not only is Germany one of the largest consumers of cheese, but they are also one of the largest producers as well! Allow us to walk you through some of the best German cheeses imperative to any good menu. We, of course, have to start with what may be the most famous among them, the notoriously stinky Limburger cheese. A cheese connoisseur’s dream, this pungent cheese is surprisingly mild, boasting a flavor profile described as "grassy with a tangy finish". Depending on the texture you’re after, a young Limburger will be firm and crumbly, whereas the mature varieties soften beautifully, transforming into the more recognizable version of itself. From the cheese rich region of Allgau Bavaria, the delicious Cambozola triple cream with its soft creamy texture and intense flavor is something between a Brie and a blue. Often labeled as the “gateway cheese” for those offended by the tangy taste of blue cheese, this great crossover cheese is the perfect addition to any tasting menu. For a truly unique eating experience, try our Chiriboga Blue cheese. This delicious cheese, crafted in Bavaria at the foot of the Alps, is made from a recipe dating back to 1902. Intensely rich and buttery with a dense texture, it’s more reminiscent of frozen custard than French Roquefort. Try it melted into a Risotto, sprinkled over a fresh salad, or sliced onto a cheese board. With all the delicious cheeses listed above, and a host of others yet unmentioned, we're sure you’re going to love our entire list of delicious German cheeses!

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