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Norwegian Cheese

Norway is home to some of the unique cheeses of the world. From its brown cheese or Brunost, as the natives call it, to the bitter and grainy Gamalost, they have cheese in textures and flavors found nowhere else in the world. To the gourmand, these are some of the most interesting and delicious cheeses available, thanks to their uncommon flavors and textures. At Gourmet Wholesaler, we have a wide range of these fantastic Norwegian cheeses, try any or all of our delicious selections today!
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Jarlsberg Cheese
from Norway by Jarlsberg

With its countless flavors, textures, and recipes, cheese is one of the most versatile ingredients we have. Even the milk it’s made from can come from a wide variety of animals, including cows, goats, sheep, and in some cases, even buffalo! Norway offers a diverse range of these, from the ever-popular Jarlserg to the Norwegian brown cheese Brunost. Perfect for a number of dishes and applications Jarlsberg cheese, is not only the most popular cheese in Norway, but it is also one of its most adaptable. Slice it thinly for grilled cheese, melt it into a fondue, or try making the delicious Jarlsberg cheese dip! Whatever you choose, this semi-firm buttery cheese with its rich texture and mildly nutty flavor is the perfect “all-purpose” cheese. Available in wheels, slices, and wedges, you can’t go wrong with this delicious option. From classics like Jarlsberg and Norvegia to the distinctive Nokkelost and Pultost, there are so many flavors and textures to choose from! Because cheese is a relatively delicate food we always treat it carefully. We use special packaging to ensure that it arrives in perfect condition so you can enjoy it at its peak of freshness and its height of taste. To make the buying experience that much more individual, we also sell our cheeses in a range of sizes. Wheels, slices, chunks, individual rounds, and whole boxes of wholesale gourmet cheeses are available so you can get exactly what you want in the sizes and amounts you require!

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