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Herbed Cheese

We love herbed cheeses for so many reasons! Not only do they have all the deliciously creamy, crumbly, sliceable, elements of other cheeses, but they are also infused with even more flavor thanks to the herbs added to them. Whether they are infused with peppercorns and spices or encrusted in dried herbs, we have a diverse and delectable assortment of these scrumptious cheeses! Perfect for the cheeseboard or paired with a glass of wine, they are the ideal accompaniment to any meal!
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Purple Haze
from United States by Cypress Grove
Buchette Garlic and Fine Herbs
from France by Mon Sire
Cabra Romero Goat Cheese
from Spain by Montesinos
Pecorino with Black Pepper
from Italy by Rustico
Julianna Herbed Goat Cheese
from United States by Capriole
Sheep Milk Cheese with Wild Berries
from Spain by La Antigua
Goat Cheese with Paprika - Raw Milk
from Spain by Buenalba
Sheep Milk Cheese with Saffron La Mancha
from Spain by La Antigua
Pecorino with Red Pepper
from Italy by Rustico
Boursin with Garlic and Fine Herbs
from France by Boursin
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from Switzerland by Kaserei Stofel
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Sheep Cheese with Rosemary
from Spain by El Piconero
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Give your customers something truly delicious with any of our fabulous herbed cheeses! For something classic, try our French Boursin with its delicate blend of garlic and chives. Or if you’re into new and exciting flavors try Cypress Hill’s Purple Haze, with its intoxicating combination of lavender and fennel in their herbed goat cheese. No matter what your preference, we have a delectable range of herbed cheeses with all manner of flavors and seasonings. Depending on what you’re after texture-wise we have a range from creamy and spreadable, crumbly, even firm and sliceable. If you’re looking for a creamy soft herbed cheese look no further than our French Buchette infused with fine herbs and garlic. Nothing is better alongside these smooth cheeses than some thin slices of toasted baguette, or some seedy crackers to spread them on! If something a little more crumbly is what you’re after, might we suggest our Spanish sheep’s milk cheese with berries? Thanks to its delicious tart flavor profile it can be enjoyed easily with breakfast, or saved for the end of a meal as part of a cheeseboard. If a firm and sliceable cheese is more to your taste take a look at our black pepper studded Pecorino from Italy. Thanks to its strong yet versatile flavor our Pecorino pairs beautifully with anything from vegetables to honey, jellies, or fruit compotes. Armed with these suggestions have a look at these and all our other delicious herbed cheeses!
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