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Semi-Soft Cheese

One of the most versatile and delicious categories, explore our range of semi-soft cheeses! This is the home of cheeses that are soft and tender but not gooey, like the ultra-rich “soft” varieties. Here you’ll find a lot of blue cheeses like the beloved Stilton and Point Reyes Blue. You’ll also find cheeses made from alternative milks like buffalo, goat, and sheep. That means lots of delicious goat’s milk chevre like Crottin, and Chabichou. From softer to harder, milder to extra strong, we’ve got a diverse assortment of some of the very finest semi-soft cheeses from around the world!
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Danish Blue Cheese
from Denmark by Green Island
Maytag Blue
from United States by Maytag
Petit Livarot AOC Graindorge
from France by Graindorge
Pecorino Al Tartufo
from Italy by Caseificio S. Maria
Pleasant Ridge Reserve
from United States by Uplands Cheese
Shropshire Blue Cheese
from United Kingdom by Thistle Hill
from France by Picandine
Caciotta al Tartufo Truffled Cheese
from Italy by Mitica
Point Reyes Blue Cheese
from United States by Point Reyes
Roquefort Papillon - Black Label
from France by Papillon
Saint Nectaire Laitier
from France by Livradois
Brillat Savarin
from France by Lincet
Bay Blue
from United States by Point Reyes
Gorgonzola Dolce (DOP)
from Italy by Piedmont
English Waxed Rind Stilton
from United Kingdom by Tuxford/Tubbet
Sottocenere al Tartufo Truffled Cheese
from Italy by Latteria Moro
Gorgonzola Piccante - DOP
from Italy by IGOR
Roquefort A.O.P.
from France by Rodolphe Le Meunier
San Simon DO
from Spain by Fromage Marquis
Pata Cabra
from Spain
West West Blue
from United States by Parish Hill Creamery
on sale
Widmer's Aged Brick Cheese
from United States by Widmer's Cheese Cellars
from United States by Briar Rose Creamery
Goat Milk Gouda
from United States by Central Coast Creamery
Dream Weaver - Goat Milk Cheese
from United States by Central Coast Creamery
Holey Cow - Swiss-Style Cheese
from United States by Central Coast Creamery
King's Ransom
from United States by Roelli Cheese Haus
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Shop Gourmet Wholesaler’s collection of carefully and thoughtfully selected semi-soft cheeses. From consummate Italian cheeses like Mozzarella to the distinguished French Petit Livarot we have a variety of choices from around the world.

What Are Semi-Soft Cheeses?

Many truly splendid kinds of cheese fall into the category of semi-soft but what is it exactly? Semi-soft cheeses can be best categorized by their water content which sits between 36%-45%. This variety in moisture leads to a range of cheeses that vary widely in texture and firmness. This gives us soft and creamy options like Pico, yielding and crumbly blues like Maytag, and even the almost firm and sliceable Cacio di Roma. With such a wide range of densities, these cheeses are sure to accommodate almost any dish. Our semi-soft cheeses also run the gamut when it comes to flavor, from milder favorites like Havarti and Manchego to more pungent choices like Gorgonzola and Shropshire Blue cheese. No matter what your preference, we have flavors to suit every palate.

Semi-soft cheeses are some of the most versatile cheeses available, perfect for slicing and serving on the classic cheese board but also great for melting on sandwiches, gratins, or hearty casseroles. From the first course to the last, any dish can benefit from our premium selection of gourmet cheeses!

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