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Smoked Cheese

Packed with flavor our selection of smoked cheeses is hard to beat. From classic smoked Cheddar cheese to the delicious Italian Fiore Sardo, we have an assortment of the finest cheeses sourced from around the world. Smoking cheese is truly an art form. Just like a fine wine, smoked cheese develops terroir thanks to the kind of wood used and where it’s sourced. So whether it’s hickory chips from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Appalachia or Hazelnut shells from Italy's Piedmont Valley, smoked cheese boasts layers of flavor simply unavailable to other cheeses. Try any of our flavorful options below and find out for yourself!
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Smoked Cheddar
from United States by Plymouth Artisan Cheeses
Idiazabal, Smoked
from Spain by Izar Gazta
Idiazabal Smoked D.O.P.
from Spain by Artzai Gazta
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There are two methods for smoking cheese: cold smoking and hot smoking. Both techniques apply continuous smoke to the cheeses for an extended period until they absorb those smoky characteristics. Cold smoking is preferred for the cheese to prevent any melting from happening. Depending on when, during the aging process, the cheese is smoked it can turn out quite differently. If the smoking begins while the cheeses are soft and still in the process of aging, flavor can be introduced to the entire cheese. Or if this step is left until after aging is finished, the flavor will only settle into the outer portion of the cheese. Delicious but time consuming many manufacturers try to bypass this process. Instead of being exposed to real smoke, artificial flavoring is added to the cheese in an attempt to replicate that delicious flavor, and food coloring is applied to the outside to duplicate the dark colors true smoked cheeses take on. Unfortunately, there are many inferior kinds of cheese misleadingly labeled as “smoked” on the market. These disingenuous labeling tactics can be truly confusing, that’s why we pay special attention to acquiring only the finest gourmet foods that are made with honest ingredients and transparent methods. We believe that the only way to create truly incredible food is by using truly incredible ingredients. With this in mind, you can rest assured that all of our gourmet offerings are of the highest quality and caliber!
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