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English Cheese

Choose from among our wide selection of delicious English cheeses. From crumbly classics like Shropshire blue cheese and Stilton to firm and creamy options like Montgomery’s Cheddar and Ogleshield, we have all your old English cheese favorites!
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Colston Bassett Stilton
from United Kingdom by Neal's Yard Dairy
Shropshire Blue Cheese
from United Kingdom by Thistle Hill
Montgomery's Farmhouse Cheddar
from United Kingdom by Neal's Yard Dairy
English Waxed Rind Stilton
from United Kingdom by Tuxford/Tubbet
Clotted Cream
from United Kingdom by Devon Cream Company
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English Double Devon Cream
from United Kingdom by Devon Cream Company
This product is currently out of stock. Request a Back In Stock Notification.

England has an ancient cheese-making tradition and has coined more famous cheeses than almost any other country! Cheddar is a perfect example of this. Originating in 15th century England, Cheddar has gone on to be the most popular and widely consumed cheese in the world! We have a delicious Farmhouse Cheddar that tastes fantastic with a number of dishes and flavor profiles. Though relatively young compared to the ancient Cheddar, Stilton dates back to the 18th century. With just a few hundred years to work with, Stilton has managed to take the world by storm thanks to its crumbly texture and distinctive flavor. Ogleshield is another delicious addition to the English cheese family. Soft and intense in flavor, Ogleshield is washed every three days in a special brine. This process helps to intensify its flavors and give it a singular smell unique to this cheese. Excellent for cooking, Ogleshield can lend its distinctive characteristics to any dish not to mention it melts like a dream! Along with their fantastic cheeses, England is also home to several other wonderful dairy products. The famous English clotted cream has become a favorite addition to many dishes, lending them a rich velvety texture and imparting notes of browned butter, and nutty complex flavors. Last but certainly not least, we would be remiss not to mention Devon double cream. Slightly less rich than clotted cream but significantly more decadent than the whipping variety Devon double is a delicious addition to anything, from scones to fresh fruit. Cheeses, creams, and more England has a lot to offer when it comes to delicious dairy products!

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