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Gouda Cheese

With its rich unique flavor and smooth texture Gouda is a favorite the world over! A semi-hard cheese, Gouda has a wide range when it comes to culinary applications. Perfect for the cheeseboard, it slices smoothly and keeps its shape. Soft enough to melt, Gouda makes a great addition to any cheese sandwich or casserole lending it rich texture and a singular taste! Tough enough to face any grater, Gouda even shreds well! If you’re looking for a cheese that can stand up to any job and taste delicious while doing it, look no further than our delicious range of premium Gouda cheeses!
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Old Amsterdam Premium Aged Gouda Cheese
from Netherlands by Old Amsterdam
Gouda X.O. - 30 Month
from Netherlands by Beemster
from Netherlands by Beemster
L'Amuse Signature Gouda - 2 Years
from Netherlands by Fromagerie L’Amuse
Gouda, Beemster Goat
from Netherlands by Beemster
Smoked Gouda
from United States by Taste Holland
Brabander Goat Gouda - 6 Months
from United States by Fromagerie L’Amuse
Lamb Chopper
from Netherlands by Cypress Grove
Wilde Weide Gouda - 15 Months
from Netherlands by L'Amuse
Old Dutch Master Gouda
from Netherlands by Frico
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Midnight Moon
from Netherlands by Cypress Grove
This product is currently out of stock. Request a Back In Stock Notification.
Gouda Cheese
from United States by Wisconsin Gold
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Gouda is one of the most popular cheeses available, accounting for 50-60% of the entire world’s cheese consumption. The name, however, is not protected so anyone can slap the Gouda label on their cheese. This means the market is flooded with mediocre imitations of the good stuff. To eliminate the guesswork for you, we’ve done our research and found some of the very finest Goudas for your consideration. From artisan cheese makers in Europe and the U.S. to well-established institutions with decades of experience, we only source our cheeses from the very finest cheese makers. Typically made from cow’s milk there are some artisan varieties of Gouda made from goat and sheep’s milk as well. So whether you prefer that slight tang from a good goat or sheep’s milk or you’d rather have a milder cow milk cheese, we have them all! Along with various kinds of milk we also have a range of deliciously flavored Goudas -smoked, aged, and of course traditional are all available. Because Gouda is so versatile you can add it to almost any dish, from a gooey Gouda grilled cheese to a smokey Gouda mac and cheese our delicious range of Goudas makes every dish a little better! Shop them all today along with a host of our other delicious gourmet foods!
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