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Mexican Cheese

Cheese has become intrinsic to contemporary Mexican cuisine, but it was not always this way. In fact, before the Spaniards arrived there was no such thing as queso in Mexico. Today there are many great Mexican cheeses each with their own charm. Don’t settle for the uninspired “Mexican Cheese Blend” that you’ll find at your local supermarket, instead look to us for a selection of authentic Latin American cheeses. From Cotija to Oaxaca, explore our assortment of truly delicious Mexican cheese!
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Mexican Cotija Cheese
from Mexico by La Chona

There are many varieties of Mexican cheese each with their own name and method, but most of them have a few things in common. The majority of Mexican cheeses are made of cow’s milk, with a few notable exceptions that use goat’s. Most are fresh, making them slightly softer and milder in flavor with creamy velvety textures. These characteristics make the majority of Mexican cheeses great at a number of tasks in the kitchen. Easily crumbled, they can spread atop salads, eggs, corn, and more, quickly adding texture and a slightly salty finish to your dishes. Excellent for melting, incorporate these cheeses into gratins, casseroles, and soups, to round out the flavor and add some richness. We have a delicious range of these authentic cheeses, all with various textures and propensities for certain kitchen tasks. Looking for a finishing cheese? Cotija is a must-have for sprinkling over dishes and garnishing plates. Dry, crumbly and salty, this is the Mexican interpretation of Parmesan. Queso Blanco is a great option if you need something that will hold its shape even when exposed to heat, making it the ideal cheese for stuffing enchiladas, or folding into grain salads. Panela is a singular cheese, with the ability to keep its shape in almost any environment. Like Halloumi, this is the ideal cheese to slice and grill. Finally, Oaxaca is the cheese you should turn to when looking for that signature mexican melting cheese. Starting semi-soft, this cheese melts beautifully and gives you those iconic “strands” similar to mozzarella. No matter what dish you’re making or texture you’re after, we have a delicious Mexican cheese that’s sure to fit the bill!

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