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Swiss Cheese

Swiss cheese is distinctive. From mild flavors and creamy textures to firm consistency and bold tastes, there is a Swiss cheese to suit every palate and preference. However, there is one thing all of these cheeses have in common: quality. Whether it's one of the established brands or a small local variety, all of our Swiss cheeses are produced with high-quality ingredients that are made in line with ancient tradition. With an emphasis on craftsmanship and integrity of ingredients, these cheeses are truly some of the greatest in the world. Explore all these and more when you order from our delicious assortment of Swiss cheeses!
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Tete de Moine, AOC
from Switzerland by Fromage de Bellelay
Swiss Gruyere
from Switzerland by Emmi
Tete De Moine
from Switzerland by Emmi
Gruyere Cheese - Cave-Aged 12 Months
from Switzerland by Emmi
Gruyere, Cave Aged 12 Months
from Switzerland by Columbia Cheese
from Switzerland by Annelies + Walter Rass-Huser
from Switzerland by Gourmino
Swiss Emmental
from Switzerland by Emmi
Imperial Appenzeller
from Switzerland by Emmi
Emmi Swiss Cheese
from Switzerland by Emmi
Hornbacher - 12 Months
from Switzerland by Kaserei Fritzenhaus
Sbrinz AOP
from Switzerland by Alp Chueneren
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Vacherin Fribourgeois
from Switzerland
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from Switzerland by Kaserei Stofel
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Switzerland is known for its tradition of delicious Alpine cheeses, in fact, the ubiquitous "Swiss" cheese with its signature holes, is not Swiss at all, but the American interpretation of the Alpine cheese Emmental. True Swiss cheeses are flavorful thanks to the wild grasses Alpine cows consume, and the continuous change in climates they experience as they make their way up and down the Alpine mountain range. Their diet and lifestyle, coupled with the Swiss dedication to making truly amazing dairy products, have helped to create some of the finest cheeses in the world! Swiss cheeses run the gamut when it comes to taste and texture, meaning that no matter what culinary application you have in mind, there's a Swiss cheese that’s sure to meet your needs. Appenzeller is a particularly flavorsome Alpine cheese, rubbed by hand daily with an herbal brine, this cheese is highly regarded for its amazing flavor profile. Appenzeller melts beautifully into all manner of dishes but is also enjoyable on its own or as a part of a cheese plate. Emmental, who spawned the inescapable Swiss cheese. Thanks to its massive size, tradition and outstanding quality it has been dubbed the “king of cheeses". With the ability to melt like a dream, it is perfect for almost any application. But wait, there’s more! Emmental, Gruyere, Appenzeller, and Challerhocker, the list of Switzerland’s amazing cheese offerings just goes on and on. Try any or all of these amazing products and experience the flavors and textures of true Alpine cheese!

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