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Pastry Butters

Getting ready to laminate some dough? Whether you’re making all-butter puff pastry or brioche feuilletee you’re going to be needing some pastry butter, and we have an excellent selection to choose from! With a higher fat content, elevated elasticity, and a raised melting point, these butters will enable you to easily and effectively laminate your dough. With a fat content, averaging somewhere around 82-83% our delicious pastry butter is richer than the regular varieties offered. This added richness makes it ideal for creating those shattering buttery layers we all know and love. Creating truly great food requires truly great ingredients, so why not elevate your baking and try one of our amazing butters today!
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Butter from Isigny - Pastry Sheet Butter
from France by Isigny Ste Mere
Beurre de Tourage 82 % Butter Sheets
from France by Beurremont

Is There a Best Puff Pastry Butter?

The simple answer is yes. The best butters for making laminated baked goods are firm ones. This is because they won't melt into the dough as quickly during the rolling and layering process. This guarantees a higher rise and better separation in the oven, leaving you with a truly flaky and delicious product. Firmness in part relies on temperature, but more importantly, it is a factor of the butters fatty acid makeup. This is determined by not only the cow’s breed but by its diet, location, and even the time of year. In other words, it can be extremely difficult to make great butter with the specifics required for lamination. That's why it’s so important when looking for good quality butter that you obtain it from companies that truly care about their manufacturing practices and the well-being of their livestock.

As you can tell butter is extremely variable stuff, sometimes making it rather difficult to know which brand will best suit your needs. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you by scouring the globe for some of the very best pastry butter, sourced from the finest farms in France. Make better pastry today by making the switch to better butter!

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Pastry Butters Questions And Answers