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Semi-Hard Cheese

Mild yet flavorful semi-hard cheeses are popular the world over. From Dutch Gouda to Norwegian Jarlsberg, we have a wide assortment of delicious semi-hard cheeses! Perfect for slicing or grating, with mild yet nuanced flavors, the semi-hard cheese is one of the most versatile in both flavor and texture. Whether they’re smoked, wine-soaked, or spice-infused we’ve got a cheese that will suit any dish or palate. Our carefully curated selection is constantly being updated and improved so be sure to check it often!
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1 - 28 of 89 products:
Tete de Moine, AOC
from Switzerland by Fromage de Bellelay
Gruyere Cheese - Cave-Aged 12 Months
from Switzerland by Emmi
Reading Raclette
from United States by Spring Brook Farms
Old Amsterdam Premium Aged Gouda Cheese
from Netherlands by Old Amsterdam
Cabrales DO - Asturias
from Spain by Asturias
Pecorino Toscano Fresco
from Italy by Tuscany
Fourme D'Ambert
from France by Laqueuille
Provolone Piccante Cheese, Aged 10 Months
from Italy by Caseificio Montorso
Melange Brebis - Chevre
from France by Saloirs de Louis
Purple Moon - Wine Soaked Cheddar
from United States by Fiscalini
Iberico Semicured Cheese - 3 months
from Spain by Merco
from Netherlands by Beemster
from Switzerland by Annelies + Walter Rass-Huser
Tomme de Savoie
from France by Schmidhauser
Comte St. Antoine AOC - Aged 10-14 Months
from France by Marcel Petite
from Switzerland by Gourmino
from France by Fromage Marquis
Gouda, Beemster Goat
from Netherlands by Beemster
Imperial Appenzeller
from Switzerland by Emmi
from Italy by Fromage Marquis
Cabra Romero Goat Cheese
from Spain by Montesinos
The Drunken Goat<sup>®</sup> - Murcia Al Vino
from Spain by Mitica
Blue di Bufala
from Italy by Quattro Portoni
Madrigal Cheese - French Baby Swiss Cheese
from France by President
from Spain by Sant Gil d'Albio
Mahon Reserva - 12 Months
from Spain by Menorca
Tomette de Brebis
from France by Saloirs de Louis
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What Is Semi-Hard Cheese?

Beautifully balanced semi-hard cheeses are moist enough to retain a springy pleasant texture while remaining firm enough to slice, meaning they are the ideal cheese for a wide range of uses. Made in a slightly different manner than fresh or semi-soft, these harder cheeses are compressed in molds, squeezing the curds into a firm sliceable solid while removing the whey. Since they are a slightly firmer cheese, they maintain their shape after being sliced, making them a great option for any kind of presentation, be it a cheese plate or wine pairing.

How to Cook with Semi-Hard Cheese?

Semi-hard cheeses hold up well against a shredder, so they are easily spread on anything from pizza to gratins and melt smoothly. Since semi-hard cheeses are usually only aged for less than six months they are characteristically mild with notes of hazelnut and browned butter. These slightly nutty warm flavors pair wonderfully with fruits and meats, making them the go-to when building a sandwich.

Boasting a range of flavors, from the delicate to the tangy, we carry an array of classic favorites like aged Cheddar, Iberico, Asiago, and Gouda. We source all our delicious types of semi-hard cheese from around the world. With careful attention to detail, we are always looking for the finest cheeses made by the top artisanal producers. Because truly fresh and delicious food is our top priority we ship our cheese overnight, in packaging that will keep our products at their prime. So you not only receive them sooner but you’re also guaranteed to have them at their best! Explore all our delicious types of semi-hard cheese today!

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